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Murrayhill Painting and Fine Finishes specializes in high-end paint jobs that need to look on-point and be a professional representation of your business. Our painters will give your business environment the look and feel that makes your customers feel safe and comfortable. If you’re going for something really specific, give Matt a call and talk him through your ideas and he’ll help make you aware of what your options are.
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Types of Commercial Painting:


Services We Offer

Our experience working with GCs in the residential space easily translates to high-end retail, business offices and small condos. Call Matt to discuss your upcoming projects.
  • Retail Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Business Office Painting
  • Gym and Fitness Painting
  • Dentist Office Painting
  • Doctors Office Painting
  • Tennant Improvement Painting

High-end Remodeling and Painting Services

Painting is often a large part of the remodeling process. If you are putting together a remodeling project and are looking for a good painting contractor, look no further. Our team at Murrayhill Painting is very experienced working with general contractors and homeowners to carry out the painting portion of a remodeling project.
If you have plans or blueprints, we can take a look and provide an estimate for our portion of the project. If you are still exploring ideas, it’s still okay to contact us. We work with the best remodelers in the PNW and can certainly help you get connected with the right people to carry out your project.

Interior and Exterior Painting for Commercial Clients in the Portland-Vancouver Area

We work with commercial and industrial clients throughout the area on interior and exterior remodels and paint jobs. Whether you are the business owner or a general contractor, contact us today for a free quote.

Beaverton, Oregon

Murrayhill Painting has an office in Beaverton, Oregon allowing the painting crews a hub for accessing the Western and Southern sides of the Portland-Vancouver metro areas including but not limited to:
  • Portland
  • Hillsboro
  • Tigard
  • Lake Oswego

St. Helens, Oregon

Murrayhill Painting also has a 2nd location in St. Helens, Oregon which provides easier access to all areas north of the Columbia River including but not limited to:
  • Scappoose
  • Warren

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